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T3Packaging offers a variety of packaging products. If you need Bubblewrap, Stretch Film, Pallet covers, Gaylord Box Liners, Rollstock, Poly/Steel Bands or Poly/Plastics Bags, then you need T3Packaging. We work in conjunction with clients to improve productivity and efficiency. Whether in bulk or single case quantities, our main objective is providing high quality products at a competitive price.

At T3Packaging, our philosophy is "when you win, we win". We select vendors that understand the way we conduct our client focused business model. We encourage you to contact us today to learn more about how the experienced T3Packaging staff can help solve your business' packaging supply needs.


Bubble Wrap – contains air pockets used to protect fragile items during shipping. A great and safe way to ship fragile items.

  • Stretch Film – a highly stretchable plastic film used to wrap and secure items during shipping or storing. Whether its hand or machine we have you covered.

  • Poly/Steel Bands – a narrow strip of flexible material used for fastening and holding items together during shipping. Steel banding or sometimes called steel strapping does not flex like poly band. Steel banding is used to secure heavier items during shipping.

  • Roll stock – food packaging film is a combination of polyester, metalized polyester, (LDPE) Low Density polypropylene and other co-extruded laminated film material. Roll stock is also used for beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, etc.


  • Poly/Plastic Bags –small or large, food storage bags, gusseted hand holes, can liners/garbage bags, mattress bags, crates, gaylord liners, and pallets covers, etc.


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